Tiwi; Correspondent ITPP Surabaya

Tika; Correspondent ITPP Jakarta

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14 August 2006- Introduction Letter

Hi, I'm Tiwi, I was born in Surabaya city. I'm working for foreign telecommunication company in Surabaya as a secretary. My hobbies are singing, cooking and sometimes out door activity (rafting).


25 August 2006- Introduction Letter

"Hi, I'm Tika. Like about half of people who live in Jakarta, I'm not originally from the city. My hometown is a small town called Solo. I've been living in Jakarta for only a couple of months now. (read more)

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RRI SURABAYA (click on RRI logo)
Listen  Listen  |  Audio Help  Presenter/Interviewer: Katie Hamann
Speakers: Sidney Jones, Indonesia Director International Crisis Group; Irwandi Yusuf, Aceh's incoming governor; Aceh students